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More Learning,
Less Paperwork

Koba is India's 1st Blended Learning Solution. Our Digital Teaching Assistant saves teachers upto 8 hours a week, and Digital Learning Assistant guides students through the curriculum while encouraging them to develop a deeper understanding of the subject

Your Data is super secure!

One Window View of Performance

100% Aligned with NCERT

What does it mean for Teachers?

We want to work with teachers to take up their rightful place as Primary Educator in the home, as well as the classroom. Under your watchful eye, parents will no longer feel the need to engage with learning alternatives for their children.

An Attentive Assistant

Once you've taught the class a concept, just tell us so. Our system picks up this information, and guides students through NEP compliant Revision material and Homework to ensure they never forget what you've taught them. Again and Again.

Understand the journey

As the Primary Educator, you will have access to how students are applying themselves not just at school, but at home as well. With this two sided view of a student's efforts you'll know where they need to put in that extra push

You get daily status updates as well as in-depth reports on student performance with click of a few buttons. You'll know exactly where to focus, and where to celebrate. Go you!

Prepare for PTMs

With the data provided by the platform, you'll have access to the efforts that students are putting towards their education both inside and outside the classroom. This insight allows you to have richer conversations with guardians about how to help their wards.

In-Depth Analysis at your fingertips

Master of Learning


We put teachers right back in the drivers seat

That means no more Unrevised Chapters, Missed Assignments or surprises at the PTM. 

We empower teachers to hold their students accountable, structure their home learning experience and keep guardians informed all the way through.

Drive Performance through Proven Learning Methodologies

Learning is one the most important things we do as a species, but we don't always have the time to use the best methods. At Koba, we've created Learning methods that mix Technology with the the best that Neuroscience has to teach us - and put it in the hands of the Teacher

Hydrangeas in Vase

Spaced Repetition

Revisiting information at intervals helps students retain information over longer durations

Lecture Hall Tutor


Tying new concepts to existing knowledge creates an anchor for information

Organized Files


Studying different subjects rather the same subject at a stretch improves retention

Wooden Boxes

Retrieval Learning

Recalling information and concepts solidifies it in the student's mind

2 harps

Dual Coding

Engaging students by link text with other visual media drives greater memory

Smiling Colleague

Rapid Feedback

A reduced lag time between effort and result helps students identify areas for improvement

What Our Testers Think

I don't have to spend 2 hours every day reading my textbook.
I finish my revisions in 30 minutes and then I'm free to go down and play

Utkarsh Roy,

Student, Kolkata

I had a huge problem of students copying each other's homework. They can't do that anymore! And they finally submit on time.

Abhishek Kumar,


Total must for teachers and schools. 
My students stay on top of their revisions and are remembering concepts months after I teach it to them

KV Venugopal,


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