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Explaining the rise of Dummy Schools and the threat they pose to the School system

Over the past few years there has been a surge in the number of Dummy Schools in the country. In this article - we will explore what they are, why they exist, and what schools can do to prevent their spread.

What is a Dummy School?

A Dummy School is a school that admits students and does not need them to attend for only a few exams. Usually, students who are seeking to crack the entrance exams sign up for Dummy Schools, but there has been an increase in their enrollment as more students are preparing for entrance exams in general

Why are they increasing in number?

Dummy schools have grown due to two primary reasons. First, the increased competitiveness in entrance exams demands greater focus and time spent on exam preparation. Second, after COVID, a lot of parents were unhappy with the state of schooling, having not kept up with the times with their pedagogy and did not find value in traditional schooling. Especially when Dummy Schools were available that were cheaper, demanded less time, and gave the student time to prepare for exams.

What can Schools do about it?

One framework which we can use to think about this is to think of the student's academic experience as the product, and the parent as the customer. The emphasis is on the student's academic experience - not their grades alone. Thus, educators will need to look at the student learning journey in a comprehensive fashion rather than just what happens in the classroom. Since most of the studying happens at home - schools must exercise agency over this environment by providing students with both structure and accountability over this time. This can only happen with technology and a wide adoption of Blended Learning.

Additionally, schools must communicate with their customer, parents, on how their students are doing. Qualitatively AND Quantitatively. And not once every 4 months. Weekly.

That's where Koba Education can help you give your students and parents exactly what they need. Structure, Accountability and Automated Communication. We help you provide students regular study plans that are monitored by teachers to make sure students are hitting their academic goals. We'd love to speak with you about how we can help you raise the profile of your school by integrating Blended Learning methods into your school. If that sounds like something your school would like to have, drop us an email at


Until schools are able to deliver more value for their students and parents, or the entire education system changes to deprioritise entrance exams it is likely that Dummy Schools will only continue to grow in number.


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