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More teaching, Less paperwork.

Empowering teachers with technology actually designed for them.

Most Learning Systems focus only on students, while increasing the workload on teachers. Not us. We know that teachers are the core of the education system - what benefits them, benefits students.

In case you don't have the time to read the entire article, the benefits are:

1. Higher Compliance to teacher instructions.

2. More frequent communication with students. And Parents.

3. Structured Learning for Students - don't leave revision to the student's discretion.

Let me illustrate with an example:

  1. Students are given pre-readings (Which they don't always do)

  2. Teachers cover the topics at the most basic level

  3. Teachers assign students work to complete at home

  4. When students submit their work, teachers spend 6 hours a week correcting it

  5. After that - silence

3 months later:

  1. Teachers remind students that they have a Unit test coming up

  2. Teachers hold remedial sessions for students - trying to cover Higher Order Questions on topics students have no studied for 3 months

  3. Students rush to study for the test, and cram information over a week

  4. The PTM is a tough event where the main point of discussion is the student's score - little on effort or understanding

This entire cycle is a common occurrence, but is certainly less than ideal.

With our new learning system, your teacher's workflow will look something like this:

  1. Teachers assign Students pre-readings before class

  2. Students finish their pre-readings before class - because Teachers receive a report of who has finished it. The report also includes student's queries and doubts

  3. Class time is dedicated to doubt clearing and higher order concepts

  4. After class, the teacher assigns an automated assignment unique to each student

  5. The teacher receives report which includes all student scores as all the assignments have been auto-graded

  6. The Koba Learning System allocates routine assignments to students over the next few months to keep students familiar with the material.

  7. Students perform well in their exams because they have been revising the syllabus, on a schedule.

  8. At the PTM, teachers can share chapter-wise results with parents so they know where their child has room for improvement.

As is clear, integrating technology to structure, accountability and transparency to the learning process reduces the load on teachers while improving student outcomes.

If you'd like to hear more about how we can implement Blended Learning techniques in your school, contact us at and we'd love to have a chat


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