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The biggest opportunity for Schools today? Home.

The home is the most overlooked learning opportunity. While educators focus on learning at school, they do not pay much heed to the at-home learning environment. And for good reason. Unlike at school, educators are completely dependent on parents to ensure students complete their academic tasks. This has become harder and harder with every passing year. As more parents join the workforce, students are spending more time with tutors (online or offline), thereby weakening the teacher's influence.

Yet, we can view these obstacles as opportunities. To understand where the opportunity lies, let's understand what a student's day looks like.

Koba Education

The Average Secondary Student's Day:

6am to 7am: Wake up, Shower, Breakfast

7am to 7.30 am: Travel to School

8am to 2pm: School

2pmto-2.30pm: Travel back Home

2:30 to 3:30pm - Lunch and Rest

4pm to 6pm - Tuition

6 pm to 9pm - Self Study/Homework

10pm - Sleep

What does this tell us?

1) Students study a lot when they go home - almost as much time as they do at school

2) Over half the time they spend at home, they spend with tutors.

4) They use electronics often.

We have created a system that gives the school tools to influence this time at home. Can you imagine, licensed educators with another 6 hours a day to guide students.

How? By giving parents the three things they need for their children:

a) Structure - Students know what to study, when to revise and how to practice

b) Accountability - We use intrinsic and extrinsic motivators to make sure students finish the work they have been given.

c) Transparency - Parents, Teachers and Students are all on the same page when it comes to academic performance

We have created structured, guided, transparent learning programs designed for teachers to extend learning into the home environment. Reply to this email with the word 'home' here to learn more about how the Koba Learning Platform can help your school reach students throughout the entire learning continuum.


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